Sunday, February 19, 2012


I wouldn't call myself a sports fan. In fact, you might even go as far as to say I hate sports! I really don't mind going to a live sporting event on occasion. But sports on TV make me kinda crazy. ESPN makes me insane. When the NFL was on strike, I thought, wow my prayers were answered. And then when the NBA had their lockout I thought life couldn't be better. But of course they both didn't last long and sports are on in my home alot. To be honest I don't remember Kyle even watching sports when we dated. I knew he liked them but we never watched them together. Then we got married and BAM espn was on all day long.
When I was pregnant with Logan I was already dreading being at the ball field. But as it turns out, I am a fan of my boys, and watching them play sports is the best. Nixon started a little soccer class because he is still too young for any organized team sports. Logan discovered a skate park at the same park that Nixon's class is at and now wants to be just like those greasy haired, potty mouthed, skaters who can do really cool tricks. awesome. Logan also started playing basketball at the Y. It might just be the cutest and funniest thing ever, to watch 4 year olds play basketball. The absolute best. He also just started little league as a Dodger. I'm not sure about this whole baseball world. It seems a little intense. But he seems to love baseball the most out of all the sports he has played. He informed the the other day that when baseball is over he will be playing football. We will see about that.

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