Thursday, April 29, 2010

A little more proof

These two are getting along much better these days, they even like being stuck in small spaces together.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gone are my 20s

I'm 30! Yikes! I still feel like I'm young enough to be in high school.....errr college. But then I also remember being 14 years old babysitting every weekend for a 30yr old mom, man was she old!! Here's a little recap of the most significant events of my 20s. You'll just have to imagine all the friends, family, and fun mixed in there.

As a 20 year old I got accepted into the nursing program. I took care of my very first patient at Torrance Memorial Medical Center. I was scared to death. He was a semi comatose, on his death bed, incontinent, etc, etc, etc. I cried the night before I had to take care of him. I swore I would never forget his name, but the 30s have caught up to me I guess because I can't remember his name.

As a 21 year old I met a Idaho boy at church. He carried a purse on our first date. It was a few months before I dated him again (and I immediately fixed the purse problem)

AS a 22 year old I passed my RN boards and started my first real job as a nurse in the neuro ICU at Harbor UCLA. I had come a long way in 2 short years, no more crying over patients.....well I may have cried with some family members.

As a 23 year old I became Trisha Hunt.

As a 24 year old I survived my first year of marriage (the sports, all I can remember are sports), first year as a full time grad student, all while I worked 16 hour shifts so I could continue working fully time. It was a rough year.

As a 25 year old I became family nurse practitioner, wrote the longest paper of my life, and graduated with my master's degree. Swore I would never read another book, and I've done pretty good at keeping that promise.

As a 26 year old I got pregnant with my first baby. I was so excited!! I started counting down the days when I could stop waking up at 5:50 to make it to work on time.

As a 27 year old I gave birth to Logan. Sweetest baby boy ever. I quickly found out that waking up at 5:50 was a breeze compared to the demands of a newborn.

As a 28 year old I gave birth to Nixon. Another sweet baby!

As a 29 year old I........I can't think of a major event. But surviving being a mother of 2 active boys is enough right! Lots of Disneyland, lots of park, lots of sand, lots of playdates, lots of cleaning up messes, lots of diapers. I feel lucky to be home with them every second of every day, although it may not be good for my sanity.

I look forward to the 30s and all the new fun and adventures ahead. I see a few more kids joining our family at some point, lots of school and learning, primary church talks and prayers, fun family vacations and lots of time spent at the sports fields. I see myself as the crazy mom on the sidelines screaming at, I mean encouraging my kids. I see a small possibility of me going back to work and maybe, just maybe a vacation alone with my husband (maybe to celebrate our 10 year, Kyle?).

The 30s should be great right?!

Disneyland again

This time we met up with our friends/cousins for a morning trip to the park. It was an adventure for Melissa who took her twins and Reese for the first time alone, but hopefully I was a little bit of a help. Actually, I think I ended up looking like the crazy person standing in line with three kids. I got a few comments about how brave I was.

I can't believe it

An arm around his brother! Things are looking up over here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I was asked to play the piano for a church activity next week so I pulled out my tiny little piano (that is actually Kyle's, and he doesn't know how to play one key:)). The kids took over immediately.......and Kyle wonders why things don't always get done around here.
I tried teaching Logan twinkle twinkle little star. He wanted nothing to do with it, someday maybe.

A disney day

We were blocked for a couple of weeks from the park so this week we went twice. First on Monday night as a whole family.

Logan has to sit in this car, won't step foot on the actual ride. Today I took the kids by myself. It was crowded. Fantasyland was a disaster, we waited in line for Dumbo for WAY too long, but we still had a fun time.
And Logan had to sit in the car again....there was a line for it also.

The kids took a 3 hour nap so it was a good day all around

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I've been waiting to post about Easter because I forgot my camera and my dad took all the pictures of the kids during the family dinner and egg hunt. But it is tax season and my dad is a CPA so I don't think I will be getting those pictures until after April 15th.

We had a pre-Easter egg hunt with some friends. The kids were so cute running from the starting line to the eggs. Once Nixon got to the hunt he thought carefully before picking up each egg.
Until he discovered candy in them and then he had to sit down to really concentrate
check out those cheeks
Logan just put one piece of candy in this mouth to get a little taste of it and then would throw it on the ground and procede to the next piece.
We decorated eggs on Saturday while dad was at general conference for church(he has to set up the broadcast so we were loners all day and had to fill the time).
Surprisingly the mess was contained
But anyone who knows Logan knows he likes to throw and so one little egg didn't have a chance.
Easter morning Nixon woke up first and went straight to work cracking open eggs
Logan woke up and was really hesitant about the thought of the Easter bunny leaving him something.
On Easter we went to church, where the kids played in the nursery with Kyle, and I got to sit in the chapel and actually listen to every single speaker.
Here's where all the missing pictures should be. We went to my aunt's house for dinner with all my extended family. The egg hunt started out with just the kids looking for eggs but once the whistle was blown it was fair game for everyone. Some adults were too proud to look for money filled eggs, but not me!! I take my egg hunting very seriously, always have. I may have knocked down a cousin who was eyeing the same egg as me. In the end, I made a little money.
The next morning was rainy so instead of taking the kids to the park like we normally do they opened all of my hard earned eggs and put the money in their banks.
I found one of the big prizes, this money filled chocolate bunny....yes I am pretty proud