Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I've been quiet about this little new baby I'm expecting so it's time for me to write down the details right now so I can remember.  Life in the Hunt home has been kind of crazy.  Kyle was laid off from his job a couple of months ago.  As a result I got a full time job just last week and have been busy taking tests, recertifying for difference licenses, signing papers, and trying to remember how to be a nurse.  It's really a blog post all on its own, one that I will get around to when I've come to terms with the fact that I'm leaving my kids for the first time, and when I don't have a strong desire to stab a scalpel straight through the uncompassionate heart of Kyle's supervisor that laid him off.

Now on to happier things......my newest baby. 

I'm 14 weeks now.  The ultrasound was at 12 weeks so it's not really that big of a baby yet. 

I'm hoping the baby isn't bigger than Brynnley, I really don't want to push out more than 9lbs 6 oz this time. 

I will be doing a VBAC again. 

I haven't had health insurance for the whole pregnancy.  I can't wait until July 14th when health insurance returns to our home.

Paying cash for prenatal care is pretty expensive.  For example, I paid $280 for my first prenatal appointment.  That didn't include any ultrasounds or labs.  Just the exam.  If they would've let me I would do my own thyroid, breast exam, and my own pap.  In fact I would draw my own blood too.  I really should start my own practice doing women's exams and make a killing.   

I've cried a lot this pregnancy.  When I went to see my doctor she was so sweet, walked in so happy to see that I was having another baby, hugged me, and then wondered why I was paying cash.  I had to try really hard not to cry in front of her. 

This baby was not planned.  Three days before I realized I was pregnant, Kyle told me he was done having kids.  Ha ha.  I was still nursing Brynnley and had only one stinkin period. 

I think I've been worrying about too many other things and it hasn't really crossed my mind how I'm going to handle 4 kids.

I'm hoping for a girl.  The boys are 18 months apart.  Brynnley and this baby will be around that so it would be really fun for her to have a sister. 

I can't wait to get rid of the swing, bassinets, bouncers, clothes etc that I've been saving. 

I went to a new doctor recently (who is actually a family medicine doc)  a young guy who was probably fresh out of residency.  I swear he kept leaving the room for long periods of time to look up stuff.  I didn't think family medicine docs delivered babies but he assured me he would be there for the delivery.  I just thought to myself, "sure buddy, that's never going to happen."   

I will be going back to my regular doctor as soon as my insurance kicks in and will be delivering at my new place of employment (Hoag). 

I recently told Logan I was having another baby.  When I asked him what he wanted me to have he said, "an Otto."  Which is he favorite girl's soon to be baby brother.  Funny.  Nixon has no clue that I'm pregnant.   

I haven't started work yet, but I've been told that I can get disability a month before my due date.  September 20th can't come soon enough. 

I'm really excited to have another baby.  I'm excited that this is the last time my body has to balloon up again, excited that this is the last time I have to worry about growing a healthy baby and delivering it safely.  I'm excited to complete our family. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

last.....but not least