Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the huntington

Went to the Huntington Library last week with my parents. I think I was a little too relaxed watching the boys because I knew I had help so we lost Nixon for a couple of minutes. After he got chewed out we didn't have any other problem. It was hot, hot day at the huntington.

Nixon and grandma in the children's garden with steam. Scared the boys because they couldn't see.
Brynnley got stripped down because it was so hot.

Grandpa with the boys. They sure love him. He plays with them nonstop. Logan asked all day if he could go stay the night at grandpa's house.


Logan started t-ball last week with his new friend Liam. He calls him "big boy Liam" because his cousin's name is also Liam and we call him "baby Liam." Of course Logan loves playing and has been looking forward to going back since we left the field last week. He asks to wear his new baseball shirt every single day. I can only wash it so many times! The kid throws hard.

fourth of july

We went to my uncle's house on the 3rd for a dinner, ice cream, and their block parade. It was huge and led by a fire truck. I waited to the last minute to go to the store to buy decorations for their bikes and so I ended up not being able to find anything. I had to made due with my small craft supply. I don't think the boys really cared what their bikes looked like anyways.

Logan thought he was hot stuff riding his bike in the street. He never looked back to see if we were with him.

Nixon decided to let us know that he had to pee as we were standing waiting for the parade to start. I wasn't about to have him pee on someones tree while their were hundreds of people walking and so he peed his pants. Lovely.

Nixon doesn't ever really feel the need to move fast. So I was with Logan who thought he was racing and Kyle stayed behind with Nixon . Towards the end of the parade Kyle runs up to me with Nixon in his arms, who was out. He was slightly panicked and said, "Nixon is unresponsive." Who says that? Especially to a former ICU nurse!! Unresponsive....I started thinking, where's the crash cart, push some epi, charge to 360. Wait, where's speed racer Logan? Apparently Kyle was actually worried because Nixon fell asleep while riding his bike. Only my Nixon could fall asleep sitting up on his bike. He stayed asleep the rest of the night with me monitoring his respiratory/heart rate. I instructed Kyle not to ever say unresponsive to me again unless one of them really is. My heart can't handle that!

The fourth we spent at my parent's house just hanging out. Didn't take a single picture and the boys were both asleep before fireworks. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


On the fourth, Brynnley turned 4 months. She is the absolute best (although I should say that I always think my babies are great, I love babies)! She's so happy, so chunky, so cuddly.

She weighs 15 lbs 8 oz

Length 26 1/4 inches (taller than both her brothers at this age)

Doesn't roll over

Doesn't like to be on her belly

Loves me the most (she should, right?!)

I love that she loves me most

Is happy as can be!

Discovered her hands

Jumps in the Johnny jumper

Reaches for toys and can hold them for a little bit



when I'm nursing her she watches me from the corner of her eyes I think just to make sure I won't leave. And then smiles every few minutes.

Still loves her pacifier hurts

Is quite the drooler. Hardly ever spits up, but drools all the time.

Still loves sheets. I've bought different blankets of different textures but she loves my sheets. So I finally just took off a pillow case and we carry that around. Doesn't she know she's my only girl and needs to have a cute blanket?

Sleeps for about 7 hours straight at night

Isn't as scheduled as my boys were because we have to be out and about in order to keep the boys entertained.

Still sleeps in bed with me

When its time for a nap or bedtime she likes to be rocked for a little bit and then put down with her pillow case and pacifier and left alone to fall asleep on her own.

New places: the beach, Idaho, Utah, airplane ride

First temple visit: Idaho falls

Apparently my perfect baby has a few flaws......2 to be exact.

One my friend Megan discovered while holding her. She told me her rib felt funny. I blew her off at the moment, but if you know me you know I don't blow off medical things EVER. So as soon as I got home I started a full head to toe assessment on my little one, counted and felt every rib and intercostal space. Sure enough my hair stylist friend was right! So I had the doctor check Brynnley out. He said that we will just keep an eye on it and if it gets too abnormal than we will xray it. But I had my brother check her out and he said she probably fractured it during birth and that is how it healed. Who knows?!

The second little imperfect is that she has labial adhesions. Since I know there are a few guys who read my blog I will leave it at that and let you just google it if you want to know what they are. But I should just clarify that hers are congenital not due to me leaving her in a wet diaper all day.

Even with these two little flaws she is simply perfect to me!

Odd story. I took her to her pediatrician. We are new to Kaiser so it was only her second appointment and our first time meeting the docs regular nurse. So when the nurse saw Brynnley she was commenting about how cute she was and how much she loved the flower on her hair. Typical comment for any baby is what I thought. Then she started talking about how she was having a hard time getting pregnant and how her mom really wanted a grandchild. Everytime I took off the headband she would put it back on. She wanted to measure the head circumference with it on, weigh her with it on, have the doc assess her with it on. I was thinking, enough of this darn flower! Then she said she was going to take a picture of Brynnley on her phone and send it to her mom. um ok. So she did. And then I started wondering if this nurse who wanted a baby so bad and had my chart with my address was going to steal my baby. Odd right? I may have to switch docs.

The boys still love her. They still get in her face way to much, they tug on her arms and legs to get her attention, but other than that they are super good with her. They like to share there comfort blankets with her which makes me cringe because they are so raggedy.

She found her hands. Cracks me up, because she punches her hand straight up in the air and stares at it. Sometimes she sees it while she's eating and has to stop eating just to check out her hand. So precious.