Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pregnancy projects

I started doing pregnancy projects, because otherwise it seems like I don't get anything done that I want/need to. So I decided that I would start and complete one project a week. I started doing them around week 14 when I was starting to get my energy back. Here is my project for this week.

Whenever Logan grew out of baby clothes I made sure they were washed, unstained, folded, separated by size and stored carefully. Whenever Nixon grew out of baby clothes I grabbed them, threw them in a trash bag, tied them up, and tossed them in the garage.

So it has always been in the back of my mind that I better go take care of those clothes. After 5 loads of laundry, folding, sorting, and reminiscing, I put them into boxes according to their sizes, sealed them up and had Kyle put them high up in the garage, not to be seen for a long time because..........

We are having a GIRL!!!!!!

(Still don't want to scan in any pictures of an ultrasound so a baby picture of me will have to do)

I can't believe we are having a girl. I was so anxious during my ultrasound and was about to tell the tech not to tell me what it was because I didn't know if I could handle the thought of having 3 boys. After the initial excitement of being told that it was a girl, I'm now anxious about having to take care of a girl, it's like starting over!
My ob also pointed out to me that I am going to have 3 kids, ages 3 and under. yikes!! She said it sounds like so much fun.....I told her to send on over her nanny and housekeeper and it might me a little more "fun" for me.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back track

Logan turned three.....along time ago (in August).

Originally I was going to throw him a birthday party, had the invitations signed and sealed to 8 of his favorite friends.

Then, Kyle's parents gave him his birthday present and he ran and hid in the corner embarassed.

So the party was cancelled before the invitations were ever sent.

On his birthday he got to eat lunch with his dad, all by himself.

Everytime I ask Logan what he wants me to make him for lunch he tells me "El Pollo Loco salad".........he gets a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So eating an El Pollo Loco salad on his birthday was a real treat. An even bigger treat was that his brother wasn't anywhere near. The store manager brought Logan a birthday sundae and some of the workers sang him happy birthday, and he hid behind Kyle embarassed.

We had a little birthday celebration at my parent's house with just my brothers and parents. Instead of decorating a cake I bought some Toy Story action figures and stuck them on the top of the cake and called it good. We sang him happy birthday, and he hid behind Kyle embarassed. His favorite presents were his baseball glove and a microphone. Some facts about my 3 year old:

-his 2 year old year was rough.

-He loves sports. All of them. Hopefully he will make me money someday, and then I will be able to forget all the things that he has thrown full speed at my head and other innocent bystanders.

-His preschool teacher says he is smart. She says he knows more than the 4 year olds. Kyle and I don't know what to think about that, he sure plays dumb around here.

-He will still beat up your child (sigh)

-He loves salad and pickles

-He loves Nixon and especially loves to pick on him

-Whenever he sees a police car he tells me to race it.

-He sleeps in bed with me....every night. And I like it.

-He thinks it is funny to pee on the floor.

-His best friend is Harrison, they are quite the nightmare together.

-He loves anything with an engine and tells me all the time we need to buy a 4-wheeler.

-Even though Kyle and I have to resist to urge to strangle the kid, after he is sound asleep we have so many funny things to talk about because of him.

-He looks like an angel when he sleeps, too bad he doesn't nap anymore.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The facts of this pregnancy

1. I am so grateful to be pregnant with my 3rd child. So much so, that I never want to complain about pregnancy symptoms. In fact anytime I gag it makes me smile because it reassures me that the baby is fine.

2. I'm 17 weeks along, the doctor pushed me back a week according to an early ultrasound.

3. I find out on the 12th what I am having.

4. I'm hoping for a girl.

5. If I was a betting woman I would say I was having another boy (and I won't be that sad about it).

6. I feel almost the same as I did when I was pregnant with both boys, maybe a little less tired.

7. At a 12 week ultrasound the tech gave me her best guess on the gender of the baby but I've kept it a secret except from Kyle and maybe one other person.

8. I am 90% sure I am having a VBAC. I was 100% sure I wanted one prior to getting pregnant, 99% sure once I found out I was pregnant, 95% sure after my first talk with my doctor, and 90% sure now at 17 weeks......so we will see how sure I am as I get closer.

9. I am always awake from 2-3am it's good thinking time.

10. During that hour of thinking time I think about rupturing and dying during the VBAC. So I started having discussions with Kyle about the care of the kids should I die. Our first talk was about school being more important than sports. Fat chance, right.....that's why I need to stick around.

11. Logan seems more concerned about his baby then he was with Nixon. Whenever he sees me leaning onto something (squishing my belly) he yells, "Stop mom, the baby is crying." Hopefully he is nice to the baby once it is born.

12. During quiet time one day Logan and I were talking and he said, "mom, I want the doctor to cut your belly open right now so I can see the baby." I can't believe he remembers that's how Nixon was born.

13. I'm not keeping track of my weight gain, I will just let my doctor worry about that. But I still fit in my regular clothes.

14. I've been doing pregnancy projects which I will have to get to later.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer Vacation, Part 1

Since Trisha and I were married in 2003 our summer tradition has been to take 2 weeks of vacation and travel somewhere new. Since we had Logan in 2007 we decided that instead of traveling somewhere new every year our time would be better served by visiting friends/family who we otherwise don't get to see. So for the last few years we have been spending our hard-earned vacation in Idaho w/ my side of the family. This year was no different and in early August we caught a plane (that's a whole other story, one that I might just get to later) and headed up North.
We got to spend some time w/ the Bridges family in Salt Lake City (they are friends of ours from LB who must have suffered head trauma at some point because they decided to move to UT several years ago...and they actually like it). It was a beautiful day in the Happy Valley so we fired up the BBQ and let the kids play in the backyard.
After outstaying our welcome there, we were off to Pop and Grandma Hunt's house. This is usually the worst part of our vacation because even though it's only about 2 hours from SLC to Pocatello it seems like an eternity. This trip felt especially long for me as my sister's driving is like something out of a video game. But we made it in one piece, went right to bed, and the following day participate in the blessing of Cory and Ashley's first boy, Noah. I don't have any pictures of the blessing, but I do have this picture from the water-balloon game the kids played after church which, no offense to the proud parents, was WAY more excitingPart 2 to follow....

"You're Fired"

Trisha started this blog so that friends and family could keep up w/ our comings and goings. I'll admit that she did a fantastic job initially, but lately her posts have been few and far between....and don't get me started on her grammar :). So we had a family counsel to discuss the future of this blog, and during that meeting it became painfully obvious that something needed to change. So, Trisha was fired. Of course she was immediately rehired as a part-time poster because even though I have every intention of posting here regularly I fully expect to have the same difficulties that she did carving out the time. The good part is that she is no longer alone here. Of course that does mean that our readers will hear a lot more about sports, fantasy sports, computers and current news, but that sounds like a win-win to me! So w/out further adieu, my first post....enjoy!