Sunday, September 18, 2011

this weekend

Last week Logan's soccer game got rained out, so we were extra excited for this game. He is playing for LBYSO and is on the Red Dragons. However, the only red in their uniforms is a red thunder bolt on the shirt. The team mom got them red socks for next game so they will be a little more red. Kyle is coaching because they asked for a volunteer and apparently he was the only one to volunteer. Suddenly, he is called "coach" by eleven little boys. Kinda funny to me. Logan was so excited when he got his uniform that he wore it everyday and I had to keep washing it. So Saturday morning I went to get his uniform and couldn't find the shorts. I tore the house apart and then yelled at my husband to turn the football game off and help me look for the shorts. It worked.....he found them. But because I spent an hour looking for them Nixon didn't get any care prior to the game. So this Red Dragon supporter looked a little shabby.

Brynnley tried desperately to eat the grass the entire game.

When the other team made a goal I felt myself getting anxious and upset, like a crazy soccer mom. My future flashed before my eyes, in which I saw lots and lots of sporting games. I need to keep telling myself that he is only four and it is just a game.

Anyways, 30 minutes is a long game for these little kids. Theyy were sweaty and exhausted but happy as can be. Logan didn't score any goals, we have some pretty amazing 6 year olds on our team

Logan hasn't taken a nap in such a long time. However, after the game he zonked out shin guards and all for 3 hours. Apparently, it's exhausting being a coach too. Not sure why they are sleeping with tulle. Kyle set up the crib. Nixon calls it a bird cage. He never slept in one so he's not sure what it is. The boys aren't supposed to get in it so they have been getting in plenty of trouble.

Brynnly joined us for date night. Lets just say she won't be invited back. And check Nixon out now.

ALOT of hair came off of his head!! I cringed when kyle was cutting nixon's hair even though I agreed to it. Watching all that shiny, blond hair fall to the ground was sad. I actually ran over and picked up some of it. I felt like the witch on tangled. He looks precious though. My friend actually didn't recognize him today, thought I was babysitting someone. Ha.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


At the beginning of the month B turned 6 months. But she was getting two bottom teeth, received four immunizations that gave her a fever for a few days, and caught a cold so I was occupied taking care of a grumpy baby (and two crazy boys) so there was very little free time for me.

At 6 months:

18 lbs 3 oz

2 ft 3 inches

Sits up. Sadly, I must admit that her brothers have both knocked her over at least once.

Has two bottom teeth and has biten me a time or two. When I screech and tell her no (with a little flick on her mouth), my happy baby just smiles and laughs.

Reaches for everything.

Eats solids 3 times a day. Rice cereal and applesauce, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. Time to sneak some greens in.

Eating solids has made other stuff solid. Great.

Still wakes up at night at least once.

Still sleeps in bed with me.

Fell out of my bed today so the crib will be going up soon.

Rocks as though she wants to start moving forward.

Cries if I leave the room. It makes me smile, except when I have something to do.

Carries around a pillowcase still.

Loves her paci.

Is amused by her brothers.

Her only word is mama

When she babbles she sounds like a gremlin.

Fits in some 3-6 months clothes and 6-12

Should probably be in a size 3 diaper all the time, but I have so many size 2s that I only put her in a 3 at nighttime.

I lay her on her back to sleep, but she rolls onto her belly and seems to be more comfortable sleeping that way.

She still wakes up around 6 and fusses until I put her next to me on my pillow. Then she puts her hand on my cheek and falls asleep. I may be tired at that time, but I never get tired of that early morning moment with her.

Love her.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What a difference from last year! Last year, he wouldn't let me take a picture. Last year, he started preschool crying his head off, screaming "mom, don't leave me." This year because everything was familiar to him (minus a change in some kids) he walked right in. I think I need to start talking to him about how he is going to be in a new school next year. Maybe if we talk about it daily for the next year my shy boy will be ready for kindergarten.

Sidenote: He had his 4 year old physical last week. Wouldn't say one word to the NP. Just buried his head in my chest, so shy. Cried when they took his blood pressure and because he kept moving the machine kept rechecking it.

He's always been pretty strong, doesn't cry much. But he got 4 alive!! There was screaming, crying, tears streaming down his face. I was wrestling him, while trying to comfort him and had the other two kiddos there. It was rough, so rough that I told the nurse my husband would be bringing him next time for his shots. Apparently he doesn't need anymore until he is 10 (aside from a TB test).

He weighed 39.5 lbs
Height 3 ft 7 inch

Their computer system estimated he would be 6 ft 1inch as an adult. Kyle cried. He wants a really tall kid and 6'1" doesn't cut it.