Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She's sitting up on her own now! She rolls over and squirms all over. In no time she will be mobile.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

super birthday

Whew!!! Throwing a birthday party is a lot of work. It was the first time I threw a "friends" birthday party. I knew it had to be superhero themed. Logan LOVES Ironman. But I decided to make it superheros so that I could make superman capes as party favors. I waited until the last minute to sew the capes (partially because I was waiting for RSVPs). Fortunately, my friend Melissa helped (actually she did it all) me the night before the party. I found myself finished up the superhero masks the morning of the party. The kids decorated their masks during the party and were adorable running around in their masks and capes. We invited 8 of Logan's guy friends. His best friends at the moment are: Harrison, Andrew, Gavin, Gabriel, Kasen, Drake, Thyssen, and Liam.....and his brother of course. I knew a few of the sisters would be joining us so I made a few pink superhero masks.

Brynnley tried one on before the party. Her tongue is super all on its own. They bounced

Miss B joined us for awhile before she passed out. Carrying those supercheeks around is a lot of work.

They beat the candy right out of batman

They recharged

They opened presents. It was a group effort.

Super Harrison

Super Thyssen saying goodbye

Super GabrielKasen

I was so tired after throwing the party that I called Kyle at work and told him I wouldn't be cooking dinner. We went out to dinner where Nixon was complaining of a stomach ache and wouldn't eat anything. Minutes later he threw up.....a ton of tootsie rolls. He then told me that his stomach felt better. Apparently I let him party too hard.

The next day my family came over for a party. Logan thought he was turning 5 because he was having another birthday party. Logan starts soccer soon so he got soccer gear along with an ironman mask and other toys.

This is pretty much how I have seen Logan since Saturday. I have to force him to take off his cleats.

Monday Logan met up with Kyle for his birthday lunch. He thought he was turning 6 because he was having a birthday lunch. He LOVES el pollo loco salads and so he received his birthday wish. Laura the manager also brought him an ice cream sundae and balloon and sang happy birthday to him. As expected, Logan hid behind his dad, shy as can be.

Friday, August 19, 2011


He's 4 (turned it on Friday but I couldn't get my computer to work). What do I say about this 4 year old of mine? For about the first year of his life I remember looking at him with nothing but love and sweetness. I would see mothers speaking with anger toward their kids and thought, "no, I will never be that mad at this sweet baby of mine." oops!!! This 4 year old of mine has given me a run for my money.

He challenges me daily.

My patience (or lack thereof) is tried constantly.

He is a tough, rough, active boy.

He knows right from wrong. He tests boundaries.

He is smart, but sometimes plays dumb.

He is shy.

He is super athletic.

He hoards his toys.

He loves superheros

He loves salad and hamburgers

He loves icecream

He loves sports, anything active he wants to do it.

He loves his siblings.

He prefers dad. (probably because I'm so mean)

He is just as surprised as I am when he listens. He says, "mom, I listened!" with a shocked, happy face. I used to think that he was just ignoring me. How could he not hear me yelling at the top of my lungs at him. But now I think he just gets caught up in what he is doing and really doesn't hear any outside distractions. Either way it is frustrating.

His preschool and primary teachers never have a problem with him.

As a kid I thought of birthdays as just a time to get present, eat what I wanted, enjoy the company of friends, etc. But now being a mom, I enjoy birthdays because it gives me time to think back to that miraculous day that I gave birth. Logan's birth is special because it was my first. He made me a mother. I love him. I expect a lot out of him. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with Logan.....but if you happen to be walking by my house and hear me yelling, "what have a done to deserve this?!?!" know that it is probably in reference to something my darling dear Logan has done.

I told Logan that 4 year olds are really good. We'll see how that goes.

5 months

Miss b turned 5 months while we were on vacation.
No stats until 6 months
She still is a happy baby. I get comments all the time from people who are surprised that a baby can smile and laugh so much.
Second most frequent comment is on her cheeks. Yes I kiss and squeeze them all day long.
She is very interested in food. I am usually holding her while I eat and she watches each bite. Sometimes she goes in for the kill when she sees the spoon going up to my mouth. She ends up biting my chin and then gives me a dissapointed look.
She drinks water out of a cup. I just give her a few sips out of my cup and it makes her happy.
I gave her a taste of bananas and rice cereal but I wouldn't say that we have started solids yet.
She rolled over from her stomach to back.
Loves her feet still.
Grabs for everything.
Holds toys
Loves Johnny.....jumper that is.
Says "ma ma" but I don't think she knows that I am mama.
occasionally will cry if left alone in a room. Is fine if one of the boys or dad is talking to her.
Sleeps with me still. Within the next couple of weeks her crib is going to have to go up.
wears 3-6 months clothing, size 2 diaper.
wakes up (smiles and all) at least once to eat at night.
She went to 5 new states this past month. Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, and Nevada. She visited the Hunt cabin and Yellowstone for the first time.

I just can't stop kissing this little baby of mine.