Tuesday, November 22, 2011


For about the last year and a half we have been taking the boys to the Lowes kid craft twice a month. Sometimes we do the projects there, sometimes we bring them home and do them during the week. Last week they got science kits and we spend a couple of hours doing science experiments. Fun stuff. Messy stuff.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last week I took the kids all the way out to Perris to see Thomas. Logan has never cared much for Thomas but Nixon is absolutely in love with all the trains. My parents joined us and it was a fun day. The first thing we did was ride Thomas. Nixon wanted to actually sit in Thomas not in a train behind Thomas but what can you do. Brynnley was there and happy to be with grandma.

There is a small petting zoo that I took the boys through. Nixon was happy to meet all the goats, pigs, pony, calf, etc.

My shy chicken child Logan on the otherhand was petrified and stuck to only petting the rabbits.....but only after he saw Nixon do it.

There is an imagination center where there are stamps, coloring, and lots of train tables and trains to play with. Kind of a zoo in there but Nixon found a cranky and was thrilled. Cranky is a favorite. He tried to steal Cranky.

A hay maze to play in which perfectly displayed the difference between my boys.

Nixon sat on one end of the maze watching the trains go by.

Logan ran the maze continuously. At least he doesn't knock other kids over anymore. The boys wanted to meet Sir topham hat and so I waited and waited and waited in line for him. When it was our turn Logan was no where to be found (surprise surprise) and Nixon didn't want to go by himself. I don't think he ever looked at the camera he was fascinated by sir topham hat.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I decided this week was the week to get those darn training wheels off Logan's bike. When I told him what he was going to do he told me he didn't want to. He asked me who could ride their bikes and so I listed........Reese, Harrison.......Kasen, Gabriel, and Collin (which is a lie because I don't really know that). But once he heard all those names he took off. He loves the riding, but doesn't love the crash landings.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

logan's list

I told Logan to circle some things that he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas. Kyle and I have been cracking up because he circled 5 powered vehicles over $1000 dollars worth. No jeeps allowed, just firetrucks, police cars, and any 4-wheelers. At least he was thoughtful and circled the Thomas ride on and said that Santa should give that to Nixon. Maybe Santa should reconsider and actually give the kid one of these.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Time really is going by too fast right now. The girl is already 8 months old.

This little baby of mine is the sweetest thing if I do say so myself. She loves the water, when we shower she just stares at it and reaches out to feel the water spraying her hand.

She sleeps completely folded over.

She is so stinkin chunky. Love it! This is a horrible picture but can you see that fat face of hers. Yum. I made her cry once this month because I was nibbling on her cheek and maybe it was too hard for her.

This next picture makes me laugh everytime I think about it. I didn't take the headband off of her because I didn't want to wake her up. Then about 30 minutes later I heard her talking so I went in to check on her. She was sitting up moving her head from side to side, like who turned the lights out? She was probably so confused that she couldn't see anything. I wish I had it on video.This month she started crawling and pulling herself up to a standing position. So now you can usually find me doing the dishes pantless. She just crawls on over, pulls at my legs to stand up, pulling my pants down in the process and says, "mama" over and over again until I stop what I'm doing and pick her up.

I have to constantly tell the boys that everything has to be picked up or she will choke. The other day I went through all the Legos making sure I had all of them (all 405 little tiny pieces). The boys think it is pretty funny that she is mobile now. They yell out, "here she comes, she's coming to get us" when she starts crawling towards them (don't mind all the toys in the background, it's raining today so every toy seems to be out)

She is senstive. Lately, she likes to blow raspberries while she has food in her mouth. So I tell her no and flick her mouth a little bit and she bursts out on tears. And doesn't stop crying until I pick her up and cuddle her for a bit.

This little girl eats and eats and eats. She nurses every 3-4 hours. She eats her baby food three times a day. She eats every fruit, vege, and meat. Not picky one bit. She eats cheerios, goldfish, chunks of bananas. She eats little pieces of whatever we as a family are eating. She eats asparagus and celery. I can't even get my husband to eat asparagus. She had her first taste of chocolate and looked at me with deep gratitude. If I am holding her and put anything in my mouth she stares at my mouth then at my eyes with a look that makes me feel like I am depriving her of something. If I am chewing gum she starts trying to bite my mouth. She is seriously such a crazy eater. Crazy eating results in crazy pooping (like 4 times a day, blah).

She still wakes up at night. She got a pretty nasty cold and cough that left her hoarse this month and was waking up at least 4 times at night. Now that she is feeling better she wakes up once or twice. She takes naps in her crib, and starts the night out in her crib and then out of laziness she ends up in my bed.

she is still pretty attached to me. She likes her dad for a bit and then she wants me. But it is nearing the time when she is going to be able to stay home with dad without me there.

she is an excellent cuddler. Especially when she is going down for the night.

our family is lucky to have this sweet girl

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Pumpkin patch visited

The boys chose the things they wanted to do there with the tickets we bought. It got them a train ride.

A motorcycle ride

Some bouncing in a bouncy house and a slide ride.

We carved three pumpkins and it took so long that the boys lost interest.

Logan told me he wanted to be ironman months ago. Nixon decided to be Dash from the Incredibles and so Brynnley became Wonder woman. Originally, I thought of just putting her in black, putting little ears on, painting her face and calling her cat woman. But then my friend sent me a link with a wonder woman costume and so I decided very last minute to sew up a costume.

The kids loved Halloween. They went to too many Halloween parties, where they ate too many sweet treats and candy. The boys were adorable trick or treating. Kyle and I were cracking up the whole time. Nixon fell a couple of times and would always yell, "oh no, my candy." Don't mind the scraped knees and bruises, as long as the candy was ok he was ok.