Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little party for a little boy

I wanted to throw a huge birthday bash and Kyle didn't want to have a party at all (says Logan won't remember it anyways) so we agreed upon a little birthday party for my little man!

I saw an idea for a "ball" themed party through a blog and did it on a small scale.

So I made a little ball invitation
Had cupcakes with gumballs on top(I had lots of balls on top of the food table but no pictures taken)
I made a banner out of felt and ric rac, super cheap and reusable....not a great picture because it was a little windy.
We had a little bit of family at the party; two of my bros, one who is always studying even at a party.
my parents, sister in law to be, and cousin

Logan ate a little bit of cake and was a little wierded out by the singing
We opened some presents which he wasn't too excited about....
because all he wanted to do was ride his good ol' car
The other kids enjoyed the new toys and they eventually all played togetherThe party ended with the boys trying to pull out the trunk to a tree
doesn't that always happen at a party?
One more little project that I finished inspired by Natalie and Megan. I got these cigar boxes from Natalie (who doesn't smoke cigars, she just gets them from her husband's boss) and just painted on of them, used a little bit of scrapbook paper and mod pod, bought a wooden frame and did the same, and put a picture of Logan at birth inside. So every year I will put a picture of Logan from his birthday along with a letter from me and Kyle. I think it will be fun for him to look at the pictures and read the letters someday, and would you believe Kyle didn't complain about having to write a letter or call the idea cheesy!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Bird Mobile

In Idaho my sis in law and I wanted to do a little sewing and decided to make this bird mobile. I stole the idea from Megan's fun finds club. The free bird pattern was easy to make, but it was really hard to attach the eye screws and balance out the branches. Kyle said he would fix it for me, but I figured I would just post it as is in case anyone needs a little craft to do!

Monday, August 25, 2008

These past two weeks.....

We.....played with cousins swam in the poolhung out with familytook a motorcycle ride (no helmet rule in ID.....wasn't I a neurosurg nurse?)
took Logan to see the bearsand the wolves forced the in-laws to take an obnoxious picture in front of a huge teddy bear
drank from a spring
I told Kyle that I didn't want Logan drinking from a rock with algae all over it!
Me not drinking from the spring
canoed (which is harder....rowing a canoe or trying to entertain a 1 year old so that the canoe doesn't tip over, for two hours?) did lots of 4-wheeling with Logan who learned to turn on his ride

and took longer 4-wheeling ride trips without Logan (please forgive my outfit)

we saw lots of bears (Logan's nickname is Logi-Bear)all of which Logan meowed at
did some sightseeing
opened some presents
ate cake
met this adorable kitten who fell from the balcony, started sneezing blood, and took a visit to the vet at midnight, but she's just fine!
went to Yellowstone
And did a lot of relaxing!!!!!!

Oh I also gave in and read twilight because my mother in law had it. Not that impressed, but my sister in law loaned my the next two so I will continue on hoping that it gets better!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1 year

One year ago today I was lying in a hospital bed (picture is far enough away that you can't see all my chins)
And I gave birth to this perfect little buddha baby

who has quickly become a one year old.

I miss my newborn but I love this little kid!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Good news/Bad news

Good news: 12 weeks

Bad news: I'm going to look like this come February 25th

Good news: I'll be giving birth in cool weather which will hopefully save me from some extra swelling and weight.

Bad news: I will miss my chances at all the mothers' day giveaways from

Good news: I'm not working 16 hour shifts and overtime this time around. (This is the closest nursing related picture I could find)
Bad news: My new boss doesn't give me much time off, and while he is good with giving me love and lots of kisses, he doesn't put very much money in my pocket.

Great news: We are all so excited to have another addition to our family!

Here is our first picture of the new critter at 10 weeks.

5 years ago today...

We were sealed in the San Diego temple (sorry this is the only picture I have in my computer)

.....and enjoyed our first couple of weeks together in Hawaii

Today we are off to

to spend time at the cabin with these guys!

Kyle says my life is a vacation, but I still feel like I need one so......yeah for vacation! Happy anniversary Kyle!

For Shea

I picked up this grandma habit a couple of years ago....crocheting. No I don't crochet sweater vests, just baby aphgans. And since I haven't yet journaled any crocheting, I decided to document this one I just finished. I made this one for Shea Larsen to give her at the hospital, but since I'm going on vacation I had to give it to her mom just a little early. I love this pattern, but it is a slow hobby and takes weeks to finish so I don't get around to making many of them.
Good luck to Ashley and baby Shea!