Monday, January 23, 2012

My younger brother Lance got married on the 7th to Stephanie in the LA temple. She is a sweet and quiet girl that Nixon is quite in love with. Not sure how that happened. It was a fun but long day. I was instructed to wear black pumps with my bridesmaid dress. I have no business wearing that high of a shoe chasing after three kids. My feet were sore for days.

I've decided that I am awful at remembering to take pictures so the only pictures I have of the reception are from the photo booth they had there. Surprisingly, we all fit in that little box. Nixon cracks me up.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I just decided that I did a horrible job taking pictures this past Christmas season. We had both an elf join our home and an advent calendar but I really didn't take any pictures of any activities we did. I did snap a picture of the boys prior to the Naples boat parade. We went to a soccer friends house for a little party prior to the parade. The boys loved it.
Brynnley's favorite thing about Christmas were these shiny glass bulbs that I hung from the ceiling. We drove to Idaho to spend Christmas with Kyle's family. Nixon's face shows how we felt about that drive. I was shocked that we were able to load all the Christmas presents in the car without the kids discovering any of them. We made the drive in two days and arrived on Christmas eve. The boys put out their stockings, cookies, and carrots in anticipation of Santa and his reindeer arriving. Christmas morning we had church at 9am so we let the kids check out all their stocking stuff and Santa's presents. Logan wanted a Lego 4-wheeler (that took Santa 2 hrs to put together)Nixon asked for Cranky from Thomas and friends. He seemed to be really excited with all the treats in his stockingI painted these little superhero peg people for the boy's stockings. Ironman, superman, spiderman, and batman. Got the idea from blogs of course. I wasn't sure if the boys would like them with all the other big presents they were getting. However, they seem to really like them. I learned that I should have put some sort of seal on them because with all the playing they got the paint starting chipping. Have you seen the Disney princess peg people? so cute. I made some for one of Nixon's girlfriends and bought enough girl pieces to make Brynnley some. logan received a ton of Legos (those little pieces will be the end of me). His favorite presents are probably his new fast shoes and his razor scooter. Nixon got a ton of Thomas trains stuff, games, crocs, legos and a bunch of other typical boy stuff. He was thrilled with his new thomas pjs I made him. So much so that he stripped down as soon as he opened them.
The boys got an I pod touch to share. I think they are too young to have one, but it was perfect for the long rides in the car.
I didn't get B anything for Christmas. I did get her a Christmas church outfit. Other than that she received a doll, bathing suit, and learning toy from my older brother and wife.
The day after Christmas I got the flu (blah). But I managed to crawl around enough to help Kyle pack up to head to the cabin. And an even bigger success, I managed to make the drive to the cabin without puking. I ended up being sick for the better part of the trip. Even on the drive back to California my stomach was a little off. But the boys had a blast on our trip and never caught the flu.
First things first, Logan had to get on a 4-wheeler.
But dad had to plow the driveway a bit. These two played in the snow for hours. Nixon fell fast asleep on his ride. Miss B made it outside. Adorable. Stinkin adorable. After a couple of days alone all the cousins arrive. Mason seems to be a favorite from this trip. He's as crazy as my boys. I love this picture of my boys. I see this look between them numerous times throughout any given day. It is the look that fun and trouble are soon to follow. The whole family went sledding one day. After a minor traffic accident involving Kyle's brother crashing (softly) into his dad's new truck we found a nice hill and the kids had loads of fun. And that's where the pictures end. Looking back, I'm sad that I felt so crummy the whole trip. The snow is something special for us Californians and I wish I was able to enjoy it more with the family. But I came home 4 lbs lighter....not too bad.

Monday, January 9, 2012


My dad called this morning complaining that I haven't updated my blog in a long time. My response, "Don't you know how busy these kids keep me? I don't have time to sit at the computer and blog." Then I tried to convince him to take the boys for a few days. But my parents had them over for a sleepover last week so that was pushing it.

I missed Brynnley's 9 month post. There was a good reason for it. I was waiting until her 9 month checkup to get her stats. Then the night of her checkup she woke up every half hour sick as a dog and I was too tired the next day to blog. Then the next day she broke out in a crazy rash covering her entire body and I didn't want to post any pictures of her (I realized I'm going to be a horribly insensitive mom when my kid's faces are covered in acne as teenagers). The rash on her face took a whole week to heal and by then I was busy with Christmas preparations so I gave up on her 9 month post.

So now she is 10 months.

She weighs somewhere around 21-22 lbs. However, she is only in the 75% for weight. Such a dainty thing. My brothers call her "heavy doll" (I had one as a child) and "big baby" from toy story.

Her height was in the 90th percentile.

She is CLINGY. Most of the time I don't mind it.

She crawls straight to my room when she is looking for me. Smart little thing. If I'm not in there she screams bloody murder.

She loves me most. Dad is a close second. Well...not that close.

Dad gets her to go to sleep at church every week.

The boys were either walking or close to it by this age. She isn't really close. She stands and walks along furniture and pushes toys around, but I don't see her walking soon.

She loves to eat what we are eating and drinking water. She pretty much wants to eat all day.

She nurses about 3 times a day. And probably still three times at night.

She smiles at everyone and makes them feel special. I keep the fact that she smiles at everyone a secret and let everyone feel like they are special.

She loves her pacifier and pillowcase.

While we were in Idaho I was so irritated with the lack of sleep we both got and promised to start sleep training the second we got home. Instead, I tucked her right into bed next to me.

She moves way too much when she sleeps.

She experienced the snow for the first time.

She started climbing stairs at the cabin (so glad I don't have to deal with those at home).

She has horrible skin. The "rash" she had at 9 months carried over to 10 months and I finally figured out that it was eczema. She also has had a diaper rash for over a month that I haven't been able to get rid of. I finally took her to the doctor to get prescriptions for all of her skin problems.

She plays peek a boo. She has started making some of the funniest expressions.

She is adorable. I know I'm her mother, but really she is. Love her.