Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Nixon!

You know the saying "better late than never"? I hate it. I hate when someone says it to me and really hate when I say it. So I'm not going to say it. Here's Nixon's Birthday recap....nearly 3 months late :|

When Logan turned 2 he hid behind me the entire time we sang to him and while his mother opened his presents. Nixon, on the other hand, enjoyed every minute of it. We stood him on a chair at his grandparent's house and started singing to him and he smiled back at us w/ his cheesy grin soaking it all up.

He couldn't get enough! When the song was over and he blew out his candles you would have thought he had just won the lottery...

In a way he did. He got a bunch of toys, stuff that both he and his brother would spend the rest of the night playing with. The dump truck that held his cake was a big winner, as Nixon has always been obsessed with big trucks (and motorcycles, and airplanes, and helicopters, and.....the list goes on).

Nixon got this plasma car from Trisha's parents. The combination of the plasma car, Nixon's chubby little body on it trying to get it to move, and the helmet that barely fit over his big head were almost too much for me. I love that kid!

Before the party started I was worried about how Logan would react to Nixon getting all the attention and presents. It didn't seem to bother him at all, probably because Logan hates attention. Even though we kept telling Logan that the presents were Nixon's, I think he believes deep down that they are his.

A few days later Nixon received a birthday package from my parents.... a water table. Both the boys absolutely love it, although playing on it usually includes Logan pouring all the water on Nixon's head!

After all the presents were accounted for, he got a plasma car, remote control police car, helmet, sleeping bag, handy manny tools, and a play tent.

On his actual birthday (a Monday) he got to come to work w/ me for a lunch date. For some reason my boys love my office (actually it's no secret, if you could see it you'd know why). Getting to spend one-on-one time w/ my kids is always fun. When they are together they are always engaged w/ each other, but when they are separate they say and do things that really reveal their personalities and I always end up learning something new about them.

Here are some special things about our newly minted 2 year old:

He throws some nasty tantrums.

He does NOT barter. "Nixie, take a bite of dinner and I'll give you a candy"....I am soon handing him the candy w/out him actually having a bite :\

He loves Diego, Dora, and Handy Manny (has a thing for the Latin shows).

He is a total clutz. If I had a nickel for every time he falls down each day, I could retire early.

He loves to eat. I say that because he usually eats all his meals, unlike Logan.

He loves all vehicles and has a really loud siren sound that he makes anytime he sees a fire engine, ambulance, or police car.

He loves his brother even though he gets picked on a lot.

He loves holding paper. He thinks dollar bills are just paper. We find them in his underwear.....that's where he stores almost everything if he doesn't have a pocket.

He's sensitive. Even if we threaten to spank him he will start crying.

He always says, "hold you" when he wants us to hold him.

He will let anyone hold him and he loves to cuddle.

He loves his doggy blanket (specifically the tail) and never leaves home without it. He also has a "soft" (blanket) that isn't so soft anymore.

If we see a dog or cat while we are on a walk he goes straight for the tail and rubs it against his nose just like he does with his dog blanket. He has a thing for tails on all animals, even plastic animals.

He sucks on his left thumb.

He was potty trained in December.

His nicknames are Nixie, Nixel, Bean, Beaner and Dweezle (don't ask).

Happy Birthday Beaner!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


For valentines I made the boys reversible superman/batman capes. Logan has recently gotten into superheros. He hasn't actually watched superman but he loves him. He isn't allowed to watch Batman, it's a little bloody and dark I think, but he can pretend to be him if he wants. He always chooses to be superman though.

He flies everywhere. If I call his name, he yells back, "my name is superman." When I asked him who dumped out a bucket of water he said superman did. It's really cute. Nixon doesn't care much for his cape so I couldn't get any pictures of him.


Just last week I was saying that I was lucky because my kids haven't been sick at all. Yesterday they woke both woke up yesterday complaining of a tummy ache and then started vomiting within minutes of eachother.

The good news was that Kyle had the day off from work so we were able to tag team all the laundry, showers, clothing changes, child consoling, vomit catching, etc.

It was a day of nearly total tv watching. I took the opportunity while everyone was lounging around to go do some errands for the baby. When I came home the boys had fallen asleep on the couch. That never happens so I think it is adorable.
Poor Logan is so scared of vomiting. He is very cautious about what he eats and drinks and really rests his belly. Because of that he stopped throwing up around 1pm.
Nixon on the otherhand, loves to eat and drink even when he is sick and I have to force him to stop because he has no control. Because of that he was still throwing up this morning.
It is sad for me to see my kids sick, without energy. But I have to say that they are super cuddly and much easier sick than healthy. No running around, no fighting, no bouncing off the walls. It made for a pretty relaxing day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

New toy

A new toy for me! Kyle walked in the other night from his church basketball game with this lovely machine. A friend of mine got a new cricut for Christmas and passed her old one down to me. I jumped right up got some scrapbook paper and started cutting letters out. Kyle just watched me from the corner of his eye and then wondered what it was and why in the world I would want one.

I'm so excited to have one, not that I plan on having much time to make anything in the near future. However, I did make some signs for my church lesson on Sunday.

Thanks Chanda!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


3 weeks left until I get to meet my girl! (probably plus a few days since that's how it seems to go for me)

Nesting is well underway.

I have been balancing on step stools cleaning walls and ceilings and on my hands and knees scrubbing floorboards. Every surface, shutter, blind, windowsill, closet, and drawer has been cleaned. The showers have been scrubbed with a toothbrush (darn grout). I have moved furniture around, and found and organized every single toy in the house. I've finished projects that I have been needing to complete for months.

Kyle made the comment to me the other day that we were going to go broke with how much cleaning supplies I've been using. Which made me wonder if he thinks that I was going through that many cleaning supplies and that they cost that much, maybe I could've convinced him to hire a cleaning lady. I'm going to have to remember that next time I have a baby.

Nesting is a crazy thing and I think it confuses my husband that I can move a large bookcase byself while he is at work, but struggle just to walk these days. It really is a crazy thing this nesting sensation. Here I am with a huge belly, all this extra weight, achy muscles but still have the desire to clean and orangize and prepare for the arrival of my baby. Doesn't seem like such good timing. Seems like it would make more sense if my husband had a strong desire to nest.

Kyle doesn't nest.

In fact, I'm not really sure that he would admit that we are having our third child. I'm pretty sure he's convinced that all my extra weight gain is due to a rather large intact of junk food....which would partially be true. Maybe that why I'm having a hard time convincing him to set up the crib.

I have also figured out after 7 plus years of marriage that he doesn't like waking up on a Saturday morning only to have my cleaning plans thrown at him. So what is a pregnant nesting girl to do but to schedule a cleaning appointment with her husband.

Last Saturday I booked him for the entire day of furniture moving and carpet cleaning. He didn't complain once, although I think I heard a loud sigh once or twice.

But he cleaned my carpets and he cleaned them well! It doesn't get much better for a housewife than clean carpets does it?

My house is prepared and today I was able to get the majority of the baby stuff prepared. This morning I had a baby shower courtesy of two of my favorite people in the work, Megan and Melissa. Unfortuanetly, I couldn't find my camera this morning, which was crazy because my house is so clean right now. Kyle found it in the garage, I had been taking pictures of the boys outside and left it out there earlier this week.

I have to say that I really don't love showers. For other people yes.....for me no. I don't like all the attention. Makes me nervous just thinking about it.

That being said, if you are going to have a shower you want Megan and Melissa to be throwing it for you. They are two of the most talented, creative, crafty, kind gals around, and I'm lucky that they are both my friends.

I feel guilty that they threw me a shower. Megan has helped me get ready for each one of my babies in some way and I'm sure she is praying that I stop having babies so quickly. Melissa not only is moving this weekend, but has sick kids (twins), let me raid her twins clothes for hand me downs, and has gotten suckered into helping me with a ton of projects (painting and distressing all my bedroom furniture, painting my kitchen table and chair, and the list goes on). I wish I had pictures of the morning because it was decorated so cute and they did such a good job. I couldn't be more greatful.

And thanks to a group of great gals, this baby has plenty of clothes! I have to say all the pink is overwhelming, a definite change from what I am used to, but I love it!

I got everything sorted and put away today. I keep opening her closet to look at all the pretty clothes.

So, I think we are ready to go. Something I think is kind of funny is that I didn't get one burp cloth this time around, so I will be heading out to the fabric store on Monday to whip up a few of those.

I can't believe that in just a few weeks I will have another baby and that it will be a girl! Yikes!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"you're a big boy"

We ordered a Papa Johns pizza the other day. The following morning Logan brings the box to me in the kitchen while I'm making his breakfast and says:

L - Daddy, I want you to eat this pickle
K - Buddy, that's not a pickle it's a jalepeño
L - I want you to eat it
K - But I don't like jalepeño's
L - Daddy you're a big boy, just eat it

I may be a big boy but I'm not man enough to eat a jalepeño at 7:30 in the morning.