Saturday, June 18, 2011

father and sons

Kyle took the boys to our church's annual father and son's campout. He invited my dad also. The four of them had a great time. They played basketball. They went 4 wheeling

The owner of the property who is in our ward and our former stake president piled a bunch of kids on with him driving.....yikes

3 boys came home smelling like campfire and dirt. They loved every minute of it. Now they think the 14-18 year old boys that were there are their best friends. Fortunately, those young men are really nice to my boys.

attack of the killer bees

Friday morning I decided to take the kids to the park to snap a few pictures of them. The park is about 10 houses up the street from us. Just as I was finishing up I heard Logan screaming at the top of his lungs so Nixon, Brynnley and I ran over to him. He was crying hysterically and was yelling that bees were stinging him. Sure enough we were suddenly surrounded by bees. Nixon started screaming and crying and they were attacking me also, so I yelled at the kids to hurry and run across the street. I picked up Logan's skateboard and crossed with them thinking the bees would be gone, but they followed us across the street. At that point Brynnley started crying, so with all three kids crying and the bees swarming around us I started screaming at the top of my lungs for the boys to run as fast as they could home, threw the skateboard down, and followed them screaming down the street. If my neighbors didn't think I was crazy already (which I'm pretty sure is impossible) they sure do now. One man came out of his house picked up the skateboard and brought it home to me. When I got to our house both of the boys were hiding on the porch in a corner crying. Once inside Logan was complaining that his head hurt and I found 2 stingers in his head. Poor kid. We all sat on the couch thoroughly tramatized. Nixon kept looking at me saying, "bees are scary," Logan kept complaining that his head hurt, and my heart was pounding out of my chest. Who would've thought bees would cause so much trouble. Kyle suggested that I get the boys ice cream to cheer them up, so we headed over to Baskin n robbins. Seemed to do the trick for the boys.......but I'm still afraid, maybe I need some ice cream too.

Friday, June 17, 2011

last day of school

Yesterday was the last day of preschool for the year and we all met at the park for a little lunch and playtime. I was a little nervous to go because keeping track of all three kids can be a little challenging especially when there are a bunch of other kids around. But it turned out to go pretty smoothly.

Logan's best buds at school are Gabriel, Kasen, Scottie, Griffin, and James. He tells me the boys play with the boys and the girls play with the girls. Except Layla plays with the boys too.

Here he is with Gabriel eating lunch.

Nixon wanted to be next to Logan while he ate his lunch. It may be hard to see but as we were getting ready to eat Nixon slipped off of the park bench and bit though his bottom lip all the way through to the outside. Poor kid. I wasn't sure if I would have to take him in to get stitched up so I called Kyle. His response, "How many more years of school do you need to go through before you know?" Ha!There were about six boys running around with sticks all over the playground. Would you believe that none of the got hurt or hit eachother. It's a miracle I tell ya.

Then all of the boys came out from behind the bushes with this long metal stick with the leader of the pack yelling out "up 2,3,4...up 2,3,4." It makes me happy that other boys act just the same as mine. Two and half hours later I ended up with two sweaty and tired boys who didn't want to leave the park.

And because picture taking didn't happen on the first day of school, with all the screaming, "Don't leave me mom" I got a picture of Logan and Mrs. Tami who we all love. Her kids are part asian also and she says that Logan reminds her of her oldest son when he was 3 years old. Logan and Mrs. Stacey.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

over the weekend

We were invited to a wedding in Idaho for Bubba, a long time friend of the Hunts. When Kyle told me we could get two free plane tickets I knew I wanted to go. So I called my mom to ask her if they could watch my boys. While doing so I could feel the tears welling in my eyes but the plans were made and tickets were bought. I decided not to tell the boys where we were going. Didn't want them to think we were going to the cabin without them. Last Friday we left the boys and I have to say that while I was still a little hesitant and sad to leave them I was also relieved.....I think I really needed a BREAK!!!! I enjoyed eating my meals in piece and just relaxing and not having to get after my boys. I think I need to take a few weekenders every once in awhile, because after this weekend I feel like I have more patience and energy to tackle the daily battles.

Me and miss B outside of the temple. My sister in laws mom was so kind to watch Brynnley for me so I could go in the temple. Don't mind the fact that I am squinting it was really bright and I have sensitive eys.

The reception was held in blackfoot along the snake river. It was so pretty. My sister in law and her family.

All the Hunts who attended.

Three days without my boys did my mind some good. Hopefully it didn't send my parents to an early grave!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3 months old

She just gets sweeter every day!

love her face in between her bros, it's like, "get me outta here mom!"

Some things for me to remember about this age.

I worry about if she is gaining enough weight.

She eats every 2 to 3 hours during the day.

Sleeps from about 9pm to 3am without waking up.

Around 5:30am she eats again and will not go back to sleep unless I lay her on my pillow next to me. As soon as I do she smiles and falls asleep. So sweet.

She smells so good and since she sleeps in my bed with me (in her little infant separater) my sheets smell like a baby all the time. Heaven.

The boys have always had their comfort blankets and Kyle keeps telling me we need to figure out what texture of blanket she wants. As far as I can tell she just loves the sheets. She rubs them on her face until she falls asleep. I may have to cut up a pillow case for her.

She has so many rolls of fat on her chin area that I swear she is going to start growing things under there.

Her eyes are hazel. My dad and Kyle's mom have hazel eyes. Maybe they will stay, maybe they will turn brown like the rest of the family.

Logan and I call her miss B.

She is so happy almost all the time. Everytime I change her diaper she is all smiles, practically laughing. I actually told Kyle that I think something is wrong with her because she is smiling so much. But I can't find any diseases that cause smiling.

Her bros love her and are always in her face. drives me nuts.

And since I haven't posted about the boys much, I will just say that they keep me busy (that's the nice way of saying it).

Here is a pic of them from a birthday party last weekend.

This is how I feel most days about them. She must feel my pain.