Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 months

My newborn is gone and has been replaced with a perfectly chubby 2 month old baby.

She is a smiler

until she notices me taking pictures of her and it becomes serious business.

We just switched to Kaiser so she had her first appointment with a new physician today.

She had a rough time as a 1 month old, balding and zitty, zitty, zitty. Her face was covered in zits the entire month of April and suddenly cleared up almost completey the day before her blessing.

She smiles alot, especially after she eats.

Love the little sounds she makes.

Still eats every 3 hours, including nights.

She still sleeps in bed with me in her little separator. After her 5am feeding she grunts and wiggles until I pick her up and lay her on my pillow with me. Then she gives me a little smile and falls asleep.

She is in 0-3 months clothes, size 1-2 diapers.

Today at her appointment she weighed 13 lbs 10 oz was 23 3/4 long.

She still doesn't have brown eyes. Not really sure what color to call me, maybe hazel.

I love, love, love this little girl of mine.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Sunday

Love these pictures of the boys.

My friend Kadee gave me this dress for brynnley and I used it as her Easter dress. Brynnley was a zitty mess.

We went to my aunt's house for dinner and an easter egg hunt. My aunt and uncle do a separate kid and adult hunt. There is never candy in the eggs just money and figurines (like chicks, ducks, bunnies) that are worth bigger money.

Logan was upset because he only found 2 eggs (my kids were some of the youngest kids)

But it turned out that this little yellow duck he found in one of his eggs was worth $20.

Nixon found about 5 or 6 eggs with the help of my brother and ended up with about $4.

brynnley's blessing

Brynnley was given a blessing at church on Sunday by Kyle. He did a great job. He tried to tell me that it was my job to share my testimony during sacrament meeting, but in my mind my job was to carry her for 9 months and give birth to her so I decided not to.

Brynnley looked beautiful on her blessing day.

We went back to my house for lunch. This is the only picture I took. oh well, I was tired.