Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lots of Dland

Some of Kyle's family came down for a Disneyland trip. We spent two full days there with them. I think I have had my fill of Disneyland for awhile!!

Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures.

Nixon loved having cousins in the backseat to entertain him. I love this chunky face. Logan LOVES his cousin Ryan. Poor Ryan took some beatings from my little boxer. Logan is lucky to have cousins who love him even if he is rough.
Oh so squinty, I wonder if he saw that we were riding in elephants.
What boy doesn't love bugs?
I let Logan take a 2 hr nap in the stroller while Nixon climbed around the candy corn garden. This kid always has his tongue out of his mouth. I think the doctor loosened it a little too much.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I was cooking dinner tonight and asked Logan to give Nixon a few cheerios. He poured the whole box out onto Nixon's tray and all over the floor. Nixon was in cheerios heaven. Logan just said, "mess." Thanks Logi.

Warning: to any of my inlaws coming to visit in a few days, beware of the mess that is my home. I can't seem to clean fast enough to compensate for the mess that these Hunt boys create (father included).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I love fall minus the fact that it starts flu season. Nixon had his 8 month checkup and received his flu shot along with a couple others. My sweet little boy is growing up quickly (actually he only gained a 1/2 inch in length). He has been climbing up on everything for about the pass month. Luckily, Logan is around to knock him down. I guess Logan knows I'm not ready for Nixon to grow up yet. I have a feeling I will be chasing around 2 active boys soon.

Nixon still sleeps in my bedroom in the pack n play. This is my view from the bed at 6:30 in the morning. It may be time to move him out of the room. Nixon really is just the sweetest boy. Although, the other day he was laughing and I heard a hint of an evil laugh, that I'm sure he picked up from his older brother. It scared me.
Logan was at school while I was at the doctors, so he missed his chance to get his flu shot. I asked the pediatrician if I could just have a vial of that nasty flu virus to give him myself.....and she let me. Just another reason I love Dr. Chang. Logan didn't like me for a second after the shot, but he's forgotten about it now.

My boys are building antibodies to the flu virus as I speak.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A new annual passholder

Kyle went kicking and screaming, but I think he enjoyed watching the kids see the magic that is Disney. And since Logan can be very convincing, Kyle purchased an annual pass to Disneyland. I couldn't be happier, I see many fun family nights at the park ahead of us. Logan saw Disneyland from up high, since he got to be held through all the lines.

As for Nixon, he stayed strapped to his mom, just like he always is.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy birthday dear Kyle

I won't tell you how old he is today, but lets just say he's been around for awhile.

Don't you feel like you were just looking at pictures of Nixon......I do!
I will be really weirded out if Nixon's hair turns this color.
We are having a fun party tonight at Disneyland tonight, just the 4 of us!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trisha time

I was feeling a little frumpy so I went to Megan for a hair makeover.
Sorry the picture isn't that great......I waited until the end of the day to take it, but megan did a great job and I love it!
Logan got a haircut too, only his dad messed up so it resulted in a buzz.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Logan started a little "joy school" today. My cousin and a friend both have 2 yr olds so we are taking turns teaching the kids for 2 hours one day a week. Even though it was just with my cousin, I was nervous to leave Logan (remember he's rarely away from me), in fact I bit off one of my nails on the ride over. Turned out to be a nice 2 hours to get some housecleaning done.

Today was all about getting acquainted with each other and the letter A. I probably should have taken a picture before school started when Logan was still shy, this is the best I could get.
My cousin gave me a few of these teething bars for Nixon from Whole foods today. He LOVES them.
Next time it will be a shirtless activity
He started getting a little fussy, so I took the bar away and started cleaning him up....he was angry
So I gave it back, but he stayed mad at me for awhile.
School is at my house next week. My topic is, "the joy of the body" and the letter B. Time to pull out my Anatomy books!