Tuesday, December 7, 2010

potty time

Friday morning I woke up, put underwear on Nixon and decided it was time to potty train him. He is one month older than what Logan was when I potty trained him. He had a few accidents that morning but once he woke up from his nap he stayed accident free the rest of the day.

Saturday we had to go to Lowes and Sam's club and I thought for sure he would have an accident, but he went to the bathroom once at Sam's club and made it home in the same dry clothes. Then Logan and I went to my parents' house and I thought for sure Kyle would slap a diaper on him (he's not really the day #2 potty training type), but I was surprised to find out that Nixon was still in underwear and accident free.

Sunday I was a little nervous because of our 3 hour church but somehow he managed to let his nursery teachers know that he had to "pee pee" and between Kyle and me checking on him he stayed nice and dry.

We are now on day 5 and he still hasn't had any accidents since day #!. I'm sure there will be some down the road, but I really am so proud of my big boy who loves his underwear. His little chuncky buns are perfectly pinchable, his tree trunk like thighs are adorable and I'm loving watching him run around diaper free.

And because my boys seem to have to be in competition over everything, Logan now wants me to watch him go to the bathroom and then congratulate him everytime!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's getting crowded

Months ago we tried to put the boys in the same room. Kyle and I gave up quickly and so Logan's bed has been vacant ever since and he has been my bed buddy. Aside from the occasional foot in my face I really don't mind it. But lately he has had a group of animals that have to sleep with us always positioned the same. There is a Bronco bear on the left side of him that has to sleep on a football pillow with a little blanket. There is a brown bear that has to be on his right along with a penguin. A big mechanical grey cat and a small tan cat lay above his head. My bed is big, but it is getting crowded with all these creatures. I think it may be time to move all of them, including the boy out of my bed. It's only a few more months before another member of our family starts occupying my room (and it becomes an all girls room:).