Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big one year old

Nixon is 1!! Some of the things I remember about the events leading up to and the day he was born.....

  • Crying on the way to drop Logan off. Not only was it my first time away from him for a night, but I knew his was no longer going to be the baby of our family. I get tears thinking about it.
  • Staring at the ocean on the long drive down pch having contractions every 5-7 minutes apart.
  • Kyle stopping at a convience store across the street from the hospital to get a diet pepsi (he obviously has no clue what contractions feel like).
  • Watching teenager and college kids running around Newport beach and thinking about how funny the difference in what we were both doing was.
  • From the moment I walked into the hospital (around 8pm)everyone told me how fast this baby was going to come, which I was exited about because from the moment I walked into the hospital I got very hungry.
  • Having a very new, young nurse.....and not really loving the thought of that.
  • Another nurse coming in to do all procedures like inserting tubes/monitors.
  • Eating lots of popsicles
  • Starring at the fetal monitors all night long
  • Watching the decels in the heartrate and telling Kyle each time that we needed to pray.
  • Having the anesthesiologist I used to watch insert epidurals when I was in nursing school.
  • That anesthesiologist telling me the same thing over and over again (risk/benefits of epidural...ya ya just put it in)
  • Deciding Nixon was the name
  • Not sleeping one wink
  • Being told I was going to need to have a section
  • Crying because I was having a section and this baby wasn't coming fast like I had been told all night
  • Dr. Ricci coming in early looking very tired
  • Dr. Ricci being mad the nurses hadn't called her earlier
  • The OR anesthesiologist telling me how happy I looked (while I was still sobbing, he wasn't very observant) while he pushed me on the gurney to the OR (around 7am)
  • The OR nurse telling me my makeup looked very nice.
  • Freezing in the OR
  • Struggling to keep my eyes open, I was so tired.
  • Kyle coming into the OR, asking me if I was ok, holding my hand.
  • The doctors talking about their skiing trips while they were doing my surgery.
  • Me wondering how much of my surgery was paying for their trips
  • Telling the anesthesiologist that I couldn't breathe, and him telling me it was ok
  • Nixon coming out and my immediate thought was that he looked just like Logan did.
  • Everyone telling me how cute his dimples were.
  • The pediatric specialist telling me Nixon was fine.
  • The nurse bringing him over to me to kiss.
  • Me telling Kyle to make sure he didn't let Nixon out of his sight.
  • Holding Nixon for the first time in the recovery room.
  • Thinking while I was staring at my new baby, Kyle didn't follow the right baby out of the OR.
  • My family coming to the hospital with Logan
  • Logan not wanting to come near me
  • My brother bringing Mexican food to the hospital.
  • Me not being about to eat it because I was told that I couldn't eat or drink anything for awhile.
  • Me telling Kyle to give me a drink and him refusing
  • Me telling Kyle I am a nurse practitioner and I said it was ok.
  • Every part of my skin itching thanks to the morphine
  • Seeing Nixon's little calfs and realizing he was my child.

I guess I could go on and on. I feel so lucky to have sweet Nixon.

I have survived my first year being a mother of 2

Nixon has survived his first year being a younger brother to Logan

Watch out Logan, Nix is getting bigger!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A rare bath

We don't do baths at our house, we are all about the showers. On the rare occasion when I do let Logan in the bath, the whole bathroom is flooded, the walls end up drenched, and I am soaked from head to toe. But I needed to kill a little bit of time, and the bathroom needed to be cleaned anyways, so I let both of the boys take a bath.
We don't have bath toys since they don't take baths, so I brought out some cups and kitchen utensils. Logan stood up and started peeing in a funnel and then the bath was over.


Logan hosted a little Valentine's party a couple of weeks ago with a few of his friends who all receive a little bit of tough love from him. I didn't take many pictures but here are a few from the day. Thank goodness for wooden floors, my house was covered in sprinkles!

Pretend you don't see those blue cups ( I forgot to get red/pink one for us adults).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Kyle and I don't do much for Valentine's day. He always reminds me that he asked me out for the first time many years ago on Valentine's day and I stood him up, so now we don't celebrate it. Ha, funny that I stood him up on Valentine's huh.

Valentine's morning Logan ate a heart shaped donut and some healthier foods for breakfast and after he was ready for church I let him look in his chair backpack. It was cute to watch him look in the bag and then look at me with a look that I interpretted to say, "these things have been on the back of our chairs for weeks now and this is the first time I've looked in them to find all this fun stuff." He was happy. A truck cup, bubbles, heart sucker, toy story white board, and a few other things (all from the dollar spot at target) filled his chair backpack.
Nixon just got a scribble pad, but as you can see he rarely gets to use it.
After church and naps we went on a bike ride. We went to see the rabbits (wrong holiday for seeing rabbits, I know) and ducks. Really we just wanted to let the kids run around and get out some energy.
Poor guy can't move his legs fast enough to get himself a bunny

Monday, February 8, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Football season is over!!! We didn't have a superbowl party, but I made the boys football ties in honor of the big day.

I realize this is a horrible picture, but I'm lucky the two of them are sitting so close together. Maybe an arm around eachother will be possible in a few months.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boys will be boys

Last week one of my friends invited us over for a playdate. It is Logan's number 1 friend. They can play for hours, running non-stop, screaming, booming (which is an activity that only the two of them understand), wrestling, and jumping.

We let the boys play in the room with all the toys while we chatted and watched our two younger babies. Just then the boys walked out.......I couldn't stop laughing. Logan had no pants on, no underwear, and he had one arm out of his shirt, and his friend was half dressed as well. What were they doing?

We went into the room to get their clothes and there were two wet spots where each of them had peed on the the floor.

Wonder how they decided to do that!