Friday, May 7, 2010

This week

We celebrated my birthday, as well as my mom and dad's birthday. Saw my pretty little nephew who has a crazy amount of hair for a 5 month old
Hung out with my activity day girls, we made mother's day gifts
About once a week we walk to Kyle's work. I let Logan ride his tricycle for the first time. He rode fast the entire way (about 3 miles). I was pretty impressed
Along the way we stopped to feed some ducks and have a snack of our own. Logan decided to share his snack with the ducks and pigeons
Nixon is very greedy with his food and didn't care about any of the birds swarming around him.
We went to Dland. While we always have fun.......Nixon is a little bit of a handful at the park, while Logan is an angel (angel might be taking it too far)
And today these two little buddies left for a camping trip
Accompanied by these two guys

I may have gotten teary eyed when they drove away. I know I'm crazy, but Logan isn't away from me often. I had to call Kyle to remind him not to let Logan fall in the campfire.
Now its 7:30, Nixon is asleep, I have the house locked up (because I get really nervous when I'm home without Kyle) and I don't know what to do with myself!!!!!