Wednesday, January 20, 2010

winter vacation

We spent Christmas this year in Idaho. Unfortunately I left my camera at Kyle's sister's house in Utah so I don't have any Christmas Day pictures.

My two little snow "angels" I let Nixon go sledding with his 7 year old cousin. He face planted, resulting in a little snow beard.
Logan loves his cousins especially when they have DS's with them
4 wheeling every day
Nixon spent about 30 minutes everyday outside and couldn't move a muscle
Logan spent hours outside
Nixon and I spent about 7 days in our pajamas. We just threw snow clothes over them when we went outside. Nice huh!

Doesn't it look like these three got along well.......they didn't. It actually was pretty miserable trying to keep them away from eachother. I love the cabin in the winter, so much snow. It's so different from home
But Nixon thanks us that we live in California, even with the rain right now (which I love)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Look who's walking

He gets tackled to the ground pretty fast

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

These two keep me busy

We're back from Idaho. I'm fully defrosted, wearing flip flops again, the boys are sleeping in there own rooms and is back to normal. All of my pictures from the trip are on Kyle's laptop, so I will have to wait to post about the trip.

While we were away, Nixon turned 10 months. Here are some updates on him

  • He is the sweetest thing, except when it comes to changing his diaper or clothes. He is a strong little baby and makes it nearly impossible to change him.
  • eats non stop
  • stands for long periods of time
  • takes 2 steps, and then crawls
  • has 4 teeth
  • claps
  • dances
  • shakes his head
  • says "dada"
  • still loves to be arm is really sore all the time

He had a doctor's appointment today and is 23 lbs 30 inches tall. Tonight we will be looking for a new carseat for him because I can't buckle the one he is in, the little chunker.

The day is getting closer to when Nixon can take on his older brother. Logan keeps me busy!!! Anytime I step out of the house I get comments about how I have my hands full. He is mischevious, so so naughty, throws everything in sight, is on the go non-stop, and is the biggest bully you will ever meet......but I love him. And, on rare occasion when I do my hair and makeup he looks at me bewildered and says, "mom pretty."

After being potty trained for months, he decided to start pooping and peeing his pants. But within the last month he is doing much much better. He has decided that he wants to pee standing up but doesn't have the aim quite right yet, so I am constantly cleaning up the floor and toilet. At least he is going on the toilet.

If I could just stop him from beating up other kids life would be much easier. Oddly enough, his nursery teacher tells me he is sweet, never hits, but does like to throw. I think she is lying to me. My brother in law told me to get him punching gloves so that he could hit everything until he got it out of his system. Any ideas?

Can't you just see the wheels turning in his head in these pictures.....naughty!
Christmas cards never happened this year (I have my hands full), so here is the most recent picture of my boys.