Sunday, January 9, 2011


Logan started T-ball Saturday. You would never know it but he was excited to play.

However, the first 5 minutes we were chasing him down (the little kid is fast), trying to convince him to play. Dad finally ended up holding him over by the group of kids. Nixon sat under this huge tree for the longest time just sucking on his thumb. Adorable. Logan's facial expression never changed. This is his scared/cautious look.

Finally I told him it was time to stop acting crazy and start playing so he batted, threw, and caught the ball all with me right by his side. The coaches thought Nixon was part of the group also...nope he's just a big.

Logan loved it and talked about it non stop the rest of the day. Next Saturday may be another story when he actually has to go again.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new years

I was feeling a little dissapointed that we weren't going to Idaho this winter because I know the boys would have loved the cabin with all the snow. So when a friend on mine invited us to stay at a cabin in Arrowhead I was thrilled. Unfortunately, I left all our snow clothes in Idaho thinking that we would only use it there. But another friend of mine had some snow gear thankfully, so we managed. We had a great time just hanging out and playing in the snow a little bit. I have to say that the snow was more like ice and I think I have been spoiled by the soft, fresh snow that covers every inch of everything at Kyle's parents' cabin.

But the boys didn't seem to know the difference and as long as they are happy I am happy. One of the benefits of being pregnant.....not walking up the hill to sled.

Nixon had the biggest smile on his face until the sled stopped everytime. Then he would throw a tantrum until the next ride.


I haven't done a very good job at documenting December and now I can hardly remember what happened. In between holiday crafts, gingerbread trains and houses, elves hiding in our home, and Christmas cartoons only a few pictures were taken.

Church Christmas party. We ended up in the back of the line, but Nixon made googly eyes at one of the ladies in my ward who walked right up and put him in Mrs. Claus lap. He lasted with Santa for about a minute and was pleased to get a candy cane out of it, that he ate with the wrapper on.
Logan waited his turn and didn't go near Santa. Nixon wasn't too happy the second time around either.
Kyle's parents came for a visit since we weren't going to be going to ID for a winter trip. They brought along "the search for Santa Paws" which the kids watched nearly every day since then.
One night santa came down the street being pulled by a police car. Logan was most impressed with the police motorcycles/cars and sirens. Nixon was once again happy to get candy canes. They didn't care much for Santa.
Christmas eve we decorated cookies for Santa. It was a bit of the Nightmare before Christmas with my house covered in red and green sprinkles, and mounds and mounds of frosting on every cookie and face. Would you believe that Santa actually ate the cookies the kids left out for him? What a jolly guy!

For the first time in years, I couldn't sleep the night before Christmas. I guess it was a excitement for the kids mixed with a little bit of pregnancy induced insomnia. Christmas is so much fun with little ones. It took us about 2 1/2 hrs to open presents.
In November I asked Logan what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas and he told me a 4-wheeler. So I bought one. The day after I bought it I asked him again and he said he wanted a sword. I got each of the boys a lightsaber thinking it qualified as a sword. Logan looked at it on Christmas morning and said, "this is a lightsaber, not a sword." I don't know where he learned what that is, but he is still happy with it.
The 4 wheeler was a hit and the boys have enjoyed riding it ever since. Nixon is adorable stearing it.

Christmas evening was spent at my parents' house where I was so exhausted and didn't take one picture.