Monday, June 29, 2009

Hotel Holloway

Kevin and Melissa invited us to go beach camping this past weekend. Kyle couldn't get any time off from work so we just went up Friday evening and stayed one night. Easiest camping ever....they had a tent set up for us, food ready to go, and fun planned. Thanks guys!!

Logan hasn't stopped saying, "Reese", it's the only name he is able to say. He loved riding her pink bike. Now that we know we can survive a camping trip with the two kids we may just try it again next summer!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

not quite 4 months

Nixon is a few days shy of being a 4 mth old, but he had his checkup today. A few new things: 2 lbs heavier, 2 inches taller, 3 shots, a little rash on his neck, and not adding solids yet to his diet unless he acts hungry or stops sleeping through the night.

I finally made a right diagnosis of my own child and poor nixon will need to have his frenulum clipped. Unfortunately, he will need to go to an ENT pediatric specialist at CHOC to have it done (I was hoping his pediatrician would just do it in the office). The procedure itself only takes a minute or so, but because he's so young, he will probably have to have a little conscious sedation, making it an outpatient surgery. We just have to wait for the insurance approval, make the appointment, and get rid of his little snake tongue.
Logan was a good boy at the appointment....surprise, surprise. He let me know that he needed to go to the bathroom so I was pretty happy with that. The examination room that we were in was right by the checkout counter (aka: lollipop counter), so my sneaky child stood at the doorway and waited for every Dr. and nurse to walk by, got their attention, pointed to the lollipops and received many.

Monday, June 22, 2009

There's no going back

I don't mind diapers. I love that we can be anywhere and I can find a spot, clean up a little bum, wrap it in a tight little package, and toss it in the trash. I don't get grossed out by them. How could I when I used to change huge, gross, bedridden bums for a living (that makes me sound like I had the worse job ever). But after my last shopping trip to Sam's club for 2 boxes of diapers for the boys, I decided it was time to potty train Logan. Enough of these $80 bills for diapers! We are on day 6 of training. There have been a few accidents, but he has been doing pretty good. He's been wearing underwear for 6 days now, so it looks like my money saving idea is paying off. I was a little nervous about putting him in nursery for church yesterday without a diaper, but he went the whole 2 hours without any problem. I expect we will have accidents along the way but there's no going back now.

I think since I'm saving $40 on diapers, I deserve a new shirt....don't you think (kyle)?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

San Diego Zoo

I've realized after yesterday that I have been going about these day excursions all wrong. Trying to take care of both kids, carrying all the necessary stuff, and pushing a stroller by myself is a lot of work. Yesterday, my parents joined me and the kids at the zoo. So I had lots of help! Here are a few of the highlights.

Snakes alligators....or were they crocodiles?
turtles (one of nixon's nicknames is turtle)
animals statues were a big hit
These two reminded me of my and nixon
monkey masks were a hit
Nixon's turn
not sure why there was a tractor but logan loved it
Elephant odyssey
elephant statues
Absolute favorite of the day was this polar bear playing with the big purple ball. Logan was a little irritated that he couldn't play ball with it.
Bears. Hopefully we will see some in ID in a couple of weeksRhinos
It's nice to have grandparents isn't it?!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Watch out Michael Phelps....

Logan started swim lessons a few weeks ago. They are just parent-and-me swim lessons so I don't expect him to be swimming laps quite yet, but our swim instructor is horrible. I used to be a swim instructor and if I had my own pool I would prefer to teach Logan myself.
So....he probably won't be a backstroker, the sun hurts his Asian eyes!He loves the water and who wouldn't when you get to warm up afterwards in a jacuzzimy little swimmer in the making

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Born to be Wild

I mean not too wild, he just gets to ride slowly down our street. The kid wakes up saying, "vroom, vroom, and key every morning."I better not find any heart shaped tatoos with the word "mother" written in it on his arm.