Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're back

To Disneyland that is! I just renewed my pass last week, so weekly Disneyland excursions will be part of our schedule now.

I love taking the kids to Disneyland.......but anyone feeling a GNO soon?

Friday, September 25, 2009


I got Nixon's 6 month pictures done. Logan got some 2 yr old pics. Kellie ("that's so you photography") did a great job. I was afraid chasing Logan around while she was 35 weeks pregnant would put her in labor, but I guess she is still hanging in there. Here's just a few......

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bad blogger

Why can I not find the time to blog anymore?! I know our families like seeing pictures of the kids so here is a little update on the boys.

Logan is really into sports, he wears this helmet all the time. I'm less enthusiastic about football season starting. We have been doing a little kayaking. All 4 of us fit on this kayak and Kyle does all the paddling (I have to hold Nixon, although to tell the truth I probably wouldn't be paddling much if I didn't have him in my lap)
The kid still loves splashing and is getting more daring in the water, at least when his dad is in the water with him.
Kyle jokes that Nixon is being made fun of because his mom takes him to the beach in his pajamas. That's right, he's covered head to toe so he can't burn. He's lucky I don't put gloves on those chubby, white hands of his.
Some people still have a hard time with the fact that we named this kid Nixon. Yesterday I was told that I could just call him Nick.....I haven't gotten the birth cert. yet, but I think we are sticking with Nixon:)
He started crawling, although it is more of an army crawl. Still he is able to follow me around whining the whole time. He still loves to be held and if I'm sitting on the floor with him he has to climb on me. He pulls himself up on furniture and can stand for a good amount of time, although I don't know that we will ever find out how long he can really stand because Logan usually pushes him over pretty quickly.
He started solids
sucks on his thumb in between every bite

That's all for now!!