Thursday, April 7, 2011

story of my life

I was cooking dinner the other night, but I ran outside to give Kyle the camera while he was teaching the boys to skateboard so he could snap a few pictures. He didn't capture very many skateboarding pictures. Instead, he caught the boys in an all too familiar act that happens numerous times during the day. Little brother is happy with sunglasses. Big brother yells out, "those are mine."
Big brother and little brother fight
Big brother usually wins and even though he just beat up little brother he is happy and proud to get HIS item back.
Defeated little brother throws a tantrum
And then seeks revenge.
I'm guessing that is where the photos ended because Kyle finally decided to step in before the death match.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Bedtime is a struggle. Since Brynnley was born, Kyle has almost fully taken over the duty of getting the boys to stay in their room in bed (without destroying it). The boys come out numerous times for numerous reasons that I'm sure most moms have heard. "I need to go to the bathroom" "I need a drink" "I'm sick" (when we ask what doesn't feel good, Logan says, "my tongue") "Mom, I have a question for you. Where do you live?" "Mom, I have a question for you. Where does Tami (his preschool teacher) live ? "Mom, why is this called a football?" you get the point!! We started telling the boys that if they didn't stay in their room and go to sleep they would have to sleep in the garage. Logan wants nothing to do with the dark, spider lurking garage. But the other night Kyle was at church so the responsibility of putting them to bed was mine. After they came out of the room about 100 times. I finally said to Nixon, "Do you want to go sleep in the garage?" His repy, "yep." He immediately grabbed his pillow and dog and blanket and marched out to the back door, saying, "come on" to me. I opened the door for him, he stepped outside and that was it. I thought it was so funny so I snapped a picture of him through the blinds (which he obviously noticed me doing). Of course he didn't sleep in the garage. When we asked him why he wanted to sleep in the garage he said, "the motorcycle." Makes sense. He loves Kyle's motorcycle.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

one month old

Yesterday Brynnley trurned one month. It's been a great month! I love her to pieces. I nibble on her cheeks all day long. I know she is a big baby but when I'm holding her she seems so little to me. I think the camera adds 10 lbs to her.
Logan is such a big helper. He is willing to get me blankets, burp clothes, and pacifiers. He will actually lay down next to her and talk and sing to her, show her toys, and most importantly put the pacifier back in her mouth when she gets fussy. I think the maximum amount of time he is interested in her is 10 minutes and I have figured out how to get a lot done quickly in 10 minutes these day. Nixon loves her too. Whenever he sees her he say, "awhhhh." And then affectionately tries to poke her eyes. Not sure why he is so interested in her eyes.
Some facts about this sweet girl:

-she takes a pacifier (I kind of wish she was like Nixon and sucked on her thumb)

-she wants to be held ALL the time. I don't know if you can spoil a baby but I hold her ALL day long. Minus the 10 minute intervals Logan will help me. She will be sound asleep with me holding her but as soon as I lay her down she wakes up and fusses until I hold her. I really don't mind holding her all day. My cousin Jamie lost her baby to SIDS in early December. Baby Tehya was just 3 1/2 months old. Kyle read something to me shortly after we found out about her passing that one way to prevent SIDS was to hold your baby frequently throughout the day in an upright position. So I do, even though I know there isn't any known cause of SIDS. Wish I could have a full ekg monitor and pediatric crash cart in my house. SIDS worries me!

-She eats about every 2 to 3 hours. Only nurses on one side at a time.

-To be honest I have no clue what happens at night. Sometimes I wake up and she is still in my arms. Sometimes she is in her infant separator (in my bed). I think she still follows the 2-3 hour feeding schedule at night but I really don't know.

-She poops with every single diaper change. She is in size 1-2 diapers.

-even though she looks big, she fit in newborn clothing until just last week.

-I put a headband and bracelet on her everyday, because I was told by numerous people to get her used to wearing them, or when she gets older she won't want to wear them.

-She smells delicious even though Kyle says she smells like spit up.

-She hardly spits up.

-She is covered in zits as of yesterday, ugh.

-she is balding...real attractive.

-She chatters her chin

-She makes eye contact, and tracks with her eyes. Her eyes are still blue, but I'm sure she will be brown eyes like the rest of her family.

-Still not sure what her hair color will be. The roots look light. The nurses at the hospital and Kyle said she was blond. Who knows.

I love, love, love her! This weekend I was watching our church general conference which is fairly difficult to do with little boys running around. However, I was holding Brynnley and the choir was singing, "the spirit of God," and I immediately thought about how she was just in heaven with our Heavenly Father. I'm so grateful to Him for sending her to our home.

Oops, Logan says he's done (watching her). Better go!