Monday, February 6, 2012


Everyone told me that my two boys would be best friends someday. With as much fighting as there was going on I didn't believe anyone. But now, the fights are few and far between. They want and need each other, to play the majority of the time. Although, Logan told me the other day that sometimes he likes to just play by himself sometimes. Anytime we drive down a hill the boys yell out to put your arms up for the roller coaster. I think it's time to get out passes back at Disneyland.
Oh, they still fight/wrestle. This was actually just happy wrestling, but they will throw down over a piece of trash if one of them is mad enough.
They dig in the backyard for hours (this happens to be naked digging). I don't know how many times I have looked in the backyard to find one of them peeing on something and the other one laughing. They instigate each other. Really I don't stand a chance when they gang up on me. They watch shows together. The most quiet time of the day.
They collect worms together, call them pets, and try to convince me to let them inside.
They pull out everything from cupboards and create new living space/storage space for themselves. After refolding all the blankets numerous times I finally gave in and have left this storage space empty for their enjoyment.
They are best buds, although neither one of them will admit to it. And when they are tired. They both put their blankets over their head and are out.
Together, they make Kyle and myself crazy absolutely crazy. But at the end of the day we couldn't imagine life without these wild boys.


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Amy and Kyle said...

CUTEST SWEETEST post. I LOVE that. adorable.

Toby Brooks said...

greet boys post more stuff about them