Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 years old

Nixon's birthday was yesterday. Let me tell you, this child of mine is something else. Kyle and I lovingly call him "lazy" because he prefers to lay around ALL day long. He still wants to be carried instead of walk. He always says he can't even if he knows he can do something. I should've known this was in his personality from the moment he was born. I really think when I was in labor he was inside of me thinking, no way am I moving, they can just cut me right on out. And so he is my only c-section. The benefit of his "laziness" is that he has always slept through the night since he was about one month old. He also wants to cuddle all the time, always wants to hold hands. He is very loving. He is still attached to his dog but only the tail. The tail is what makes him suck his thumb so I think we will be needing to end that real soon. one year oldtwo years old
Some things about Nixon at this age:
He is a big kid. People at Logan's sport's practices always ask why Nixon isn't playing. They are shocked when I tell them he is two and too young to play.
He throws nasty tantrums. Like numerous one all day long. It's painful.
When he talks, he is very expressive with his eyes. It makes us laugh everytime we have long conversations with him.
The poor kid has always gotten hand me downs from Logan and always sees Logan getting new shoes and clothes. But he needed shoes and I didn't have the size so we all went to the store and bought him some shoes. His face was priceless. So happy to be getting something of his own. It made me feel bad for him.
Logan and him basically wear the same size now. Logan is taller but skinnier.
His favorite person is "tephanie" (stephanie) my newest sister in law. He requested the she be at his birthday party, along with pop and grandma.
He has been picked on ever since the moment I brought him home from the hospital not only by his brother but just by other kids. If you approach him he might knock you down just to show you that you can't mess with him anymore.
I think he learned from a young age that as soon as he cries I come running to his defense, so he cries hysterically over every little thing knowing Logan will get in trouble. I've gotta work on that.
He can ride his bike really fast.
He can dribble a basketball well and make baskets.
He picks on Brynnley but sometimes because Logan tells him to.
He likes to eat.
He's pretty stubborn.
He wants a razor scooter for his birthday, one just like Logan.
His tantrums make Kyle and myself crazy, but we love the kid so much. He really is the cutest.


Amy and Kyle said...

awwwwe! so sweet! Happy Birthday Nixon! Audrey will have a new Hunt boy next year at school. I didn't realize how old Nixon is!

Braden and Jodee said...

I can't believe he is 3 either! For some reason he's always 18 months in my mind. Happy birthday to Nixon! What a cutie :)