Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nixon had a family birthday party last Sunday. My brother was attending a medical conference in AZ and his family and my mom were all going with him so there went half of the party. I was worried Nixon wouldn't be happy with his party guests. But when I asked him who he wanted to invite to his birthday he just said, "stephanie" so I figured it would be fine. My dad, Lance and Stephanie, and Spencer came over for dinner. We ate papa murphys of course. After we ate we went outside and hit a pinata which the boys were thrilled about since there were no other kids to share the hitting with. We played some tetherball and then the mosquitos came out so we went inside to sing happy birthday. Nixon had one hand on his cheek the whole time and was all smiles. He wanted lots of candles so I put "happy birthday" candles, a number 3, and three tall candles on the cake. He loved it. He was a little confused opening presents. I would tell him who it was from before he opened them and it thought it meant that he should give it to them to open. He got lots of great stuff that should keep him plenty entertained. I think Logan felt a little left out since both of his siblings were opening presents at the same time. After the party Kyle told me that when Nixon opened his new razor scooter Logan made a face and went outside to get his razor to trade for the new one. Gotta love him for trying.

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